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🚀 Exciting News! Introducing "MITOKEN" - our newest app launching on 20.11.2023. Get ready to experience innovation like never before. Stay tuned!

About Us

  • MIToken, or Mass Inu Token, is the epitome of innovation, built on the robust BEP-20 blockchain with a capped supply of 100 billion tokens.
  • Our unique burning mechanism ensures scarcity, reinforcing the intrinsic value of each token.
  • MIToken extends beyond traditional cryptocurrency, revolutionizing Real Estate, Gaming Technology, and OTT Platforms. Join us in shaping a decentralized future where every transaction signifies trust, transparency, and innovation.


MIT is deeply rooted in the affluent real estate sector having Real Estate Backbone.

  • Bright Future: Leveraging the revolutionary blockchain technology for unparalleled growth.
  • Innovative Intersection: Merging advanced blockchain with the powerful real estate industry could signal the next significant shift.
  • Global Reach: Empowering individuals to buy and sell properties globally without any geographical restrictions.

MIT dives deep into the vibrant gaming universe having a Gaming-First Approach.

  • Metaverse Ready: Built for the expansive and evolving metaverse landscape.
  • Future-Forward: Integrating blockchain into gaming could reshape digital experiences.
  • Boundless Play: Enabling gamers to engage in worlds without limits or borders.

MIT caters to global OTT subscription needs with a Powerful Subscription Solution.

  • No Boundaries: Make payments worldwide without geographical constraints.
  • Instant Transactions: Experience immediate transactions, eliminating waiting times.
  • Seamless Streaming: Pay for your favorite OTT platforms effortlessly and dive right into content

Roadmap Q1

The creation of Mitoken.
AUDIT Certificate
Presale launch start
Dex-Trade Listing

Roadmap Q2

Introduction to Housing.
OTT Platform
Infinity Age

Why Mitoken..?

Completely Transparent
100% Distribution
Instant Transactions

MIToken: Elevate Your Experience in the Decentralized Future.

Payment Make Easy
Empowering seamless transactions and financial freedom through innovative payment solutions.
Effortless transactions redefined with MIToken's secure and transparent blockchain platform.
Protect the Identity
Safeguarding your assets with MIToken's advanced security measures and decentralized protection.
Security & Control
Experience unparalleled security and control with MIToken, your gateway to decentralized financial sovereignty.

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MIToken Where Innovation Meets Seamless Cryptocurrency.
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